Remote Bluetooth LED Self-adhesive Tape

style: Style A
Size: 10M
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Product information:

Introducing our 5050RGB LED Strip Light products:

Note: Waterproof grade: not waterproof IP20, waterproof IP65

Panel material: blackboard PCB
Operating voltage: DC/5V
Number of beads: 30 lights/meter
Lamp bead brightness: 8-10LM

A: 5050RGB light band+3 key wire control
B: 5050RGB lamp with+24 key remote control
C: 5050RGB light band+Bluetooth APP
D: 5050RGB light band+Bluetooth+24 key remote control


These options provide different control methods and functionalities to meet your needs.


1. A group of lamps can be cut off arbitrarily along the above tangent line without damaging other parts;
2.  Composed of printed circuit boards, with double-sided adhesive on the back, used for pasting;
3. Small size, a variety of colors for customers to choose, energy saving and environmental protection.
4. Long life, up to 10,000-30,000 hours.
5. Can be bent at will, the back of the import double-sided adhesive, can be fixed on the concave and convex surface, easy to install.
6. Easy to install, repair and reuse after damage.

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